Anna's Story

I was born in Germany but grew up in Kenya with no other memory other than that of an enchanted barefoot African childhood. I have always been very connected to the people of Kenya and to the amazing natural beauty of this country, so I am very influenced by traditional crafts and the colours in nature. I went to school in Kenya until I was 16 followed by boarding school in Scotland. After years of university studying subjects like international politics and economics I graduated from the London school of Economics. I was incredibly interested in the arts so I completed a Sotheby’s Fine Art Course and returned to Kenya.

My designing really started when we built our first home. We had very little money available so from sofas to lamps, tables, everything we had to make ourselves. Later I started a small leatherwear business with a girlfriend; we focused on Native American designs in beading. Finally I started to embellish pashminas and my work really took off in 2001 with traditional Maasai beading and truly African influences. I have not ever studied any kind of fashion, I am not a shopper, rather a collector of beautiful things, I suppose my true talent lies in creating beautiful environments and really knowing what I like things to look like.

I am truly a child of Africa. She flows in my veins; she has given me everything and taken much! This is where I want to be.

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