Exquisite pieces conceived in Africa, hand crafted by artisans from around the world.

For the past 20 years Anna has been building an Artisanal Luxury Lifestyle Brand out of Kenya in East Africa. It has been her life’s work and passion. Since 2001, her business has expanded throughout the United States with the gracious help and support of friends and loyal clientele who love and cherish all aspects of the brand.

We are Authentic.

We have a Story, a Truth and a Strong Ethos.

Anna styles a unique collection of exquisite creations.  Each piece is individually hand made, using only the finest raw materials.  Anna’s collection includes garments, and a range of accessories from exotic leather bags to beaded sandals, feather-trimmed shawls…Authentic indigenous designs of native cultures from all over the planet inspire me, however, the crafts and traditions of the Maasai and Samburu tribes lie at the heart of her creativity.

Once our customers acquire a handmade piece, their interaction with the brand Acquiring my pieces goes way beyond a standard shopping experience. It is a window into an authentic Africa, Anna’s home and interpretation of it. Our loyal clientele are a tribe of sophisticated, eclectic collectors of beautiful, timeless pieces. Discerning individuals with similar sensitivities and passions, who help grow the brand in some small way, change the reality of parts of our beloved homeland and its amazing people.

Welcome to my world!