Timeless Elegance & East African Empowerment

Our brand DNA is best defined by the inspiration, the raw materials, the sourcing process, the design, the fine hand work, attention to detail and the beautiful spirit filled end product.

We design to create “Exquisite pieces conceived in Africa, hand crafted by artisans from around the world.”

Our inspiration comes from indigenous peoples traditional artisanal skills or art, the raw materials are sourced from all over the world and comprise only the finest of their kind. Anna is very instrumental when it comes to curating a collection of timeless pieces with distinctive feminine silhouettes – from sourcing one of a kind pieces to selecting the beads involved in the final stages of the value chain. Since we are a small team, we pay particular attention to the production process and working conditions. It is evident that Anna’s commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and environmental factors is part of the brand’s ethos to being a responsible, honest and modern company.