The studio is a very peaceful and harmonious place where all the designing and couture work gets done.
Its also where all the administrative work the packing and the shipping take place, all under one roof open plan. And its in my garden! The 6 men that work for us, 3 tailors, a cobbler and two hand bag makers, are highly skilled trained individuals. All of the embellishment is done by women who rely on their traditional skills, experience and knowledge. We have all worked together for a very long time so there is a lot of training on my part that has gone into the meticulous attention to detail. I read somewhere that rituals are a way for human beings to connect to the divine, and I keep repeating that the hours of joyful meditation and attention and handwork in each item just simply cannot be replaced. We are manifesting the divine! The Nairobi studio is open for shoppers 7 days a week 365 days a year, all of our families rely upon it !