My inspiration springs from the artisanal crafts of indigenous people from all over the world. Embellishment of any kind is usually for the purpose of some kind of ritual or rite of passage. For me a human hand involved in a long detailed lovingly created item and the meditation that goes with this brings with it an energy that simply cannot be emulated. I look to the detailed handwork involved in anything, whether it be a maori facial tattoo, the embroidery on a dirndl, Irish lace, hand painted kimonos, carving, ceramics, anything at all, then I poach details and translocate them or change the medium, so a painting detail could end up being embroidered or a fine detail on a piece of jewellery from antiquity could end up being carved into wood…. Often we revive or recreate an entirely traditional process right here in Kenya or in its country of origin. Needless to say there is always a far cheaper automated way to reach my goal in the end product but I am not interested in this.