Where The Burnt Earth Meets The Sea

Coral Stole with White Ostrich Feathers

Measurements: 84″x 28″ x 15” trim

Original Price:$1990

Minimum Auction Bid: $1450

Choker with Trade Beads Tuareg Emblem

Measurements: 15” Small

Original Price:$1450

Minimum Auction Bid: $980

Burnt Earth Cotton Drill Safari Over Shirt With Insect Beading

Measurements: 15” Shoulder (S)

Original Price:$450

Minimum Auction Bid: $350


MJ Bali Bag in Taupe Suede with Hand Cut Fringe

Ostrich Shin Flap with Cow Horn Detail

17” Handle Drop
10″x 13″ x 6.5”

Original Price:$1750

Minimum Auction Bid: $1250

Dinka Choker with Tuareg Emblem

Measurements: 17” L

Original Price:$1450

Minimum Auction Bid: $950


The Lana Lamu Bag

Measurements: 10″x10”
Handle drop 22”





Rose Gold & Silver Pouch

Metallic leather pouches with pearl details

Original Price:$350 each

Minimum Auction Bid: $250 each