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The Studio

My studio is located in my garden. We live in a tiny piece of paradise just by The Giraffe Manor; a 250 acre indigenous forest full of all kinds of birds and animals. It still feels like the old Kenya here and we work with none of the stresses or strains of modern of Nairobi.

My home and studio are inextricably connected. It’s a real lifestyle brand if you like – life and work are one. What it means is that I never stop working but I read somewhere once if you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life. So I guess I am just LIVING not working.
The Studio 2
The Nairobi studio employs tribal women who know traditional crafts. It has taken years to train them to a level of excellence that holds its ground at the very high end of retail. The women we employ are mostly single mothers supporting a number of children. I have been a single income family and I strongly believe in handups not handouts.
What I know is that this work does instil a huge amount of professional integrity and pride in the women we employ. Because the Maasai and Samburu people are at the heart of my creativity these women literally translate totally traditional designs onto clothing and accessories and then see it in magazines or on women who really appreciate the craft.
The Studio 3
My work has a magic that reflects the incredible gift Africa and her people can give us: to remind us where we came from and how pure the human spirit is. Africa is the true cradle of mankind. She reminds us how healing and powerful her energy is and how important tribal rituals are to those who inhabit her. It feels wonderful to make beautiful things with such integrity to the people and soul of this continent.
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