Recently we stopped at an incredible viewpoint in Utah
There were 3 first nation women there
An elderly grandmother, her daughter and the granddaughter
They had a pick up truck with a covered back, the grandmother had a mattress in there and was putting together jewelry
Outside in the more than 110 degree heat
They had laid out a blanket on the ground and laid out their wares
The daughter was patiently repeating the spirit meanings of the ceramic and earthenware animals
They said it was all hand made but it was obvious that these were template pieces that then they had scratched/etched into

I was drawn in
I was touched and moved in not such a good way
And could not stop thinking about this all night

What I woke with today

There they were
First nation
Navajo from Arizona
Somehow there was desolation and a shame and a loss about them
And yet when I heard them speak their tongue
There was a glimmer
When they talked of horsehair pottery
A glimmer
But the light was not there

This is all a simulation
A desparate clinging to something that is an echo


We need the first nations
Their spirit and their souls are the heartbeat that connects us to the soul of the earth
Their creativity is entirely centered on their connection to this universe through their rituals ceremonies and rites of passage

The light is going out slowly
We need to re kindle the embers
And re-ignite the fire

Lemarti picked out and gifted me the one piece that truly seemed to be hand made by someone back on their reservation.

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