The Inspiration

The Inspiration

I look for inspiration all around me and I love natural raw materials. My items are very high end, unique, hand-made pieces that have a huge amount of attention to detail. It is very sophisticated handmade chic with an ethnic edge to it. Nothing to do with trends, it’s much more of a statement and its wearable art and in that sense it’s tribal art.

The Inspiration 2

I have worked with the same artisans for 12 years now and I have travelled the world and found amazing sources of raw materials of the finest quality. I insist on supporting traditional crafts over mass production: I am obsessed with traditional values and skills in handicrafts and artisanship. Our traditions, our rituals, our ancient knowledge and spirituality are all tied up in the crafts we have and use to adorn ourselves and to make ornaments or costumes; anything for daily wear or special rituals or ceremonies, rites of passage. The huge value of the actual craft and the end product for the creator and recipient is just somehow unquantifiable.  next »

The Inspiration 3

It has so much to do with the human spirit. Somehow it’s where the earth meets spirit. I see how people respond to the garments and accessories I make: it’s not shopping – they want to be a part of this, own it not as a kind of trophy but to feel it, to be empowered by it, to honour it. Sounds strange, but it’s true. My dream is to create amazing collectables for your life lifestyle, a true statement of a sensibility not just a purchase.

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