1. Prepare a basin with lukewarm water and dissolve Woolite or any cashmere care LIQUID soap, even baby shampoo.
2. Soak the pashmina overnight. If your shawl has a feather trim simply leave this out.
3. To remove any soiling wash the pashmina in a kind of squeezing action, rinse the shawl and then rinse again in some
water containing fabric conditioner.
4. Lay the shawl out flat on a towel, do not squeeze out the water but let it be absorbed by the towel by rolling the towel
up with the pashmina rolled into the towel and then squeeze that hard.
5. Flat dry the pashmina and steam iron.

If you feel the feathers need cleaning, dry clean once in a blue moon. Pashmina is a natural fiber and by far prefers liquid soap, conditioner and a steam iron to harsh chemicals. Feathers are totally ok to dry clean.


Suede is also a natural fiber and it is very hardy. Do not be afraid of it. 90{9a3db5335123f9d5454554cc0a9862ff4a4028a16553a96540245a5048821b9e} of any problem can be solved by simply rubbing the suede against itself or by using a suede brush (rubber) and then running a flat hand over the area. Suede also loves to be steam ironed to put moisture into it. Do so on the outside of the garment with a steam iron placing a cloth in between.
If you have a serious problem you can try using a non serrated edged knife stroking in the same direction over and over until some small amount of fibers comes off. Careful with colors though as you don’t want to create a spot that is different in color.
Also try your suede brush. Suede can also be washed with a nail brush and some water. Yes!
Let it dry and then rub it against itself and it will be as good as new. I have scrubbed beige coats top to bottom,
soaking wet using soap and water. They dry crisp and rub up perfectly.
If you use soap then be careful to dissolve in water properly so it does not cause any discoloration anywhere.
Should you get caught in a rain storm simply let the garment dry and then rub it against itself to get rid of water spots.
Then run a flat hand over it and iron.

The only real problems are felt tip or any color that goes deep into the fiber of the suede and any fats that also sink in.
Try talcum powder for fats immediately or washing the fat out.
Last resort – dry cleaning and all the beads and feathers are totally ok with this.


Having invested in one of our pieces we want you to enjoy it forever and hand it on.
We offer free fixing and cleaning, we do however require you to pay for the courier to and from us. Any time!